Solanum marginatum

White-edged nightshade

Family: Solanaceae

Origin: North Africa

Looking down on a young White Edged Nightshade plant in a paddock.
Fruit are berry-like and ripen to a yellow colour which is attractive to birds. Report white edged nightshade to Auckland Council if seen.
Photo credit: Trevor James, AgResearch

Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP) status

  • National Pest Plant Accord Species
  • Whole region — Eradication

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General description

Perennial shrub < 5 m tall. Stems are prickly. Leaves are < 25 x 18 cm, broadly ovate and prickly, with chalky-white undersides and upper surface edges. Flowers are small and white, sometimes with mauve veins. Fruits are berry-like and ripen from green to yellow.

What you need to know

To help protect our environment:

  • You must not breed, distribute, release or sell white-edged nightshade. As white-edged nightshade is a National Pest Plant Accord species, these restrictions apply within the Auckland region and across the whole of New Zealand.
  • You must not plant white-edged nightshade within the Auckland region.

Auckland Council will control white-edged nightshade at all sites where it is known to occur.

If you see white-edged nightshade anywhere in the Auckland region, please report it to Auckland Council at


Pastures, poor soils, forest margins, gullies, roadsides, wastelands, sand dunes, scrub, plantations.


Seeds dispersed by water, possibly birds and mammals.

Impact on environment

Forms dense thickets and reduces pasture and plantation productivity. Poisonous and has sharp spines.


Recommended approaches

Do not attempt to undertake control of this species. Please report to Auckland Council.

Caution: When using any herbicide or pesticide please read the label thoroughly to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

A young White Edged Nightshade growing in a field.
White edged nightshade is a perennial shrub from North Africa that can grow up to 5m tall. Leaves are very large and can get up to 25cm long and 18cm wide.
Photo credit: Trevor James, AgResearch
Close up of White Nightshade spike on leaf.
White edged nightshade leaves have sharp prickles on the tops of the leaves and chalky white undersides and leaf edges. Flowers are small and white and sometimes have purple veins.
Photo credit: Trevor James, AgResearch