Photo credit: Top and bottom left, Samantha Happy
Photo credit: Top and bottom left, Samantha Happy

Tikanga tiaki moana

Marine conservation

As our understanding of the marine environment increases, so does our concern. Use these resource to keep informed on a growing science.

Photo credit: Top and bottom left, Samantha Happy

The most pressing issues for our oceans, seas, coastlines and estuaries include:

  • native marine species and habitats under threat
  • over fishing and illegal fishing practices 
  • activities on land polluting our marine environment
  • activities at sea affecting the marine environment
  • climate change affecting marine ecosystems, taonga (treasured) species and us.

We can increase our awareness of these issues to keep them in the political, social and economic spotlight.

Seasick - Saving the Hauraki Gulf

Seasick is a seven-part series investigating the alarming decrease in biodiversity and fish stocks in the Hauraki Gulf. Time is running out - Understand the issues and find out how you can help.

Watch seasick here

Litter Intelligence - Sustainable Coastlines

We cannot improve what we do not measure. Litter Intelligence is a long-term programme led by Sustainable Coastlines that collects litter data, provides powerful insights about the problem, and inspires widespread action for solutions.

Litter Intelligence